Written by Maya Demishkevich

April is a National Community College Month and it is a time of celebration and reflection, where institutions showcase their impact and build stronger connections with their communities. With the right engagement strategies, especially on social media, community colleges can educate their audiences while creating a buzz that encourages interaction and loyalty.

Here are some ideas to help educate your community in a more entertaining way. We hope these examples spark additional ideas and inspire creativity!

Social Media Ideas for Community Colleges

1. Leverage Social Media Campaigns to Encourage Follows

Follow and Win: Why not add some fun and excitement during the Community Colleges Month? During April, reveal that your college mascot will be popping up around campus. If students can demonstrate they follow the college on Instagram (or any other platform of your choice) when they encounter the mascot, they’ll receive a special gift, like branded college gear or café vouchers.

An instagram contest or giveaway can help you grow your followers 70% faster in three months than if you didn’t host a contest at all. (Source: Tailwind)

Post Copy Idea:

This April, keep an eye out for our college mascot’s surprise visits around campus. If you bump into them and prove you’re following our Instagram, a special gift awaits you—think cozy college t-shirt or handy café card. It’s our way of celebrating the Community College’s month and saying thanks for staying connected with us.

To increase participation, in addition to announcing this campaign on social media, consider sending students an email/text as well as adding signage around campus.

This campaign can boost your social following and create a sense of excitement around your institution.

2. Interactive Challenges: The Marble Guessing Game

The Power of Play: People love games, and a little competition can go a long way on social media. Introduce the Marble Challenge (example) to your college’s social media platforms. Place a jar full of marbles (coins or anything else that aligns with your college’s brand) somewhere prominent on campus or in a well-produced photo, and have students guess the number of marbles. The number of marbles in the jar can be representative of the number of colleges and universities students have transferred to, or a number of personal enrichment or community classes at your institution. Whoever comes closest to the actual number wins a prize. The prize can be something simple yet meaningful, like a voucher to the campus bookstore or an exclusive lunch with a popular professor or president.

3. Use Interactive Storytelling to Educate and Engage

Polls and Prizes: Take the power of stories beyond casual glances. Post multiple-choice questions as interactive polls in your Instagram Stories, quizzing students on facts about your college’s influence, such as enrollment numbers, transfer rates, and financial savings. Offer incentives for correct answers, turning education into a rewarding game. This approach not only informs but also engages your audience in the narrative of your college’s impact.

Polls are a simple and fun way to boost your social media engagement and get valuable feedback from your audience. They can help you generate interest, spark conversations, and increase loyalty among your followers.” (Source: LinkedIn)

Rewarding Engagement

In addition to all the interactive and educational strategies, we can’t overlook the simple joy of giveaways. During National Community College Month, get you community buzzing with a special giveaway!

Post Example:

Win [prize] in our National Community College Month drawing! 

How to enter:
1. Follow [handle name]
2. Like this post. 👍
3. Comment on why you love community college. 💖
4. Tag three friends in your comment. 🧍 🧍 🧍

We’ll draw one winner and announce on [date]. Good luck!

Statistical Stories

Create a series of posts with statistics about the impact and reach of community colleges in your state. This can include data on enrollment, transfer rates, and financial savings. Turn these facts into visual infographics that are easy to consume and share. Integrate statistics into engaging reels, reel captions, and carousel posts.

Poll Question Ideas

[Community College Name] has dozens of ______ agreements with colleges and universities, both in-state and out-of-state. 
a. trade
b. transfer
c. lease
d. licensing

Wave goodbye to wasted credits and hello to big savings with our transfer agreements! 🎉 At [Community College Name], we make sure your hard work transfers, putting you thousands of dollars ahead on your path to a bachelor’s degree.

This or That Poll Format

Approximately how many students typically enroll in [Community College Name] each year? 


[Community College Name] is where dreams take flight, no matter where you’re from or where you’re headed. Degree, certification, workforce training, career boost, or a lifelong quest for knowledge – we’ve got you covered. 🚀📚

How much on average can students save in tuition and fees by starting at a [Community College Name] and earning an associate’s degree?
a. $
b. $
c. $

Imagine saving so much on your first 2 years at [Community College Name] that you’ve got your junior year at a 4-year college or university covered! 💰🎓 Think smart, save big, and step confidently into your future.

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Alumni Spotlight

Share stories of successful alumni who started their journey at your college. Highlight their achievements and how the college contributed to their success. This human element can be incredibly compelling for prospective students.

Poll Question Idea

What percentage of alumni from [Community College name] remain within the state?
a. %
b. %
c. %
d. %

Over [%] of [Community College Name] grads are proud locals of [County/City], powering our economy and enriching our community post-graduation. Together, we’re making [County/City] an even better place to live, work, and play!

Social Post Idea

Alumni, where are you now? 
Share your journey post-[college name].

Faculty Features

Showcase your faculty’s expertise and commitment to student success. Highlight their credentials, teaching philosophy, and involvement in the community. This not only builds credibility but also personalizes the educational experience your college offers.

Poll Question Idea

What percentage of [community college name]’s current full-time faculty holds a Master’s degree or higher?
a. %
b. %
c. %
d. %

Our classes are led by highly educated faculty and industry experts focused on teaching and guiding students, not research.

What is the average student-to-faculty ratio at [community college name]
00:00 or 00:00

[Community college name]’s small class size means your education is personal. Here, you’re not just a number—you’re part of a close-knit learning family where professors know more than just your name, they know your ambitions. 

Social Post Idea

Our faculty are the heroes who keep the wheels of education turning. Have you had a professor who went the extra mile or delivered a lecture that left you inspired? 

Let’s give them the kudos they deserve! 

Comment below with your shoutouts to the faculty members who’ve made a difference in your studies. 🌟

Program Highlights

Regularly feature different programs, especially those that align with in-demand jobs in your community. Use testimonials, success rates, and industry partnerships to illustrate the program’s value.

Poll Question Idea

How many non-credit program options does [community college name] offer that meet professional licensing and certification requirements for in-demand jobs within our local communities?
a. #
b. #
c. #
d. #

[Number] learners chose [Community College Name] to level up their career game with our workforce development courses. And guess what? [Number] of them are now certified pros in fields like healthcare, IT, social work, real estate, and more!

Interactive Clubs and Organizations

Engage students by highlighting clubs and organizations they can join. Show the vibrant campus life and how these groups contribute to personal and professional development.

Poll Question Idea

How many special interest clubs and organizations does [Community College Name] offer?
a. 0
b. #
c. #
d. #

At [Community College Name], diversity thrives! We bring students together with great clubs, activities, and athletic teams. Here, every student finds their tribe and their drive.

Local Impact Stories

Share how your alumni positively impact the local economy and community. This reinforces the value of the college and its role in regional development.


Did you know? Our [XX] community colleges boost [State]‘s economy by nearly [$$ billion] every year, equal to creating jobs for [XXX,XXX] people! Plus, every dollar invested in us turns into a [X.X] return for students and an [X.X%] yearly gain for taxpayers.

Career Success Rates

Provide data on the percentage of graduates working in their field of study. This underscores the effectiveness of your college’s career programs and their relevance to the job market.

Institutional Milestones

Celebrate the number of lives changed by your college over the years. Share stories and testimonials that paint a picture of the opportunities your institution provides.

Social Post Idea

Flashback Fridays: Post photos from the college’s past and ask alumni to share their memories or guess the year the photo was taken.

Additional Resources

American Association of Community Colleges. Fast Facts.

U.S. Census Bureau. Community College Month, April 2024.


Community colleges serve as pivotal educational institutions that offer opportunities for a diverse range of students. By engaging with students where they spend a significant amount of their time — on social media — colleges can not only foster a stronger community but also highlight their immense contributions to personal growth and regional development. So this Community College Month, let’s celebrate with engaging social media campaigns that not only educate but also inspire.

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