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Supplement your current social media marketing efforts with our on demand products.
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1. Social Media Strategy - $699

Social media marketing plan is the first and most important step to effective social media management.

You will get a 9-page social media marketing plan template created specifically to support your Community College's goals.

Additionally, you will get channel-specific strategies for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok provided in an easy-to-edit format you can adjust to your needs.

Instagram, Facebook and TikTok checklists are also included. They can be used to conduct demographics and visual audit of these three social channels as well as track performance and identify potential opportunities.

Preview Sample Marketing Plan. 

2. Personas Training & Templates - $499

The social media strategy is rooted in understanding of your target audience.

You will get access to resources to learn how to create and use your own personas. You will also get a persona worksheet: a 1-page document that has everything you need to truly understand your ideal customer. A ready-made social persona documents for your top target audiences - High School Student is also included.

Personas is a living document that should be used as a starting point for any copy and collateral development. 

3. Facebook Posts Copy - $399/mo.*

Coming up with ideas and writing content for Facebook is time consuming, so we've done it for you! You will get 30 new professionally-written, ready-to-publish posts for Facebook designed to cover your monthly needs. 

The posts are created around 4 goals (Educate, Entertain, Promote, and Engage). When appropriate Canva graphic template will also be included. 

Post as-is or plug in details unique to your college.

See examples.

*Unique posts are created for each month. Copy is rooted in your customer lifecycle. 

4. Instagram Captions Copy - $399/mo.

You will get 30 professionally-written, ready-to-publish captions for Instagram created around 4 goals (Educate, Entertain, Promote, and Engage) and targeted to high school students, current students, and career changers/starters. Post as-is or plug in details unique to your college.

Also included, professionally designed Canva post graphics and carousels that you can customize to suit your College's look and feel. Simply switch out the fonts, colors, images or graphic elements to match your branding.

See examples.

*Unique posts are created for each month. Copy is rooted in your customer lifecycle.

5. TikTok Video Scripts - $375/mo.

Whether you currently have a TikTok and want to create more videos or want to get started and need ideas, our TikTok video scripts are a perfect way to accomplish either. 

You will get 15 TikTok Video Scripts ready to implement. The videos are targeted to appeal to high school students, dual enrollment and current students.

See samples.

6. Instagram Reels Scripts - $375/mo.

Posting reels is a proven strategy to grow your reach, engagement and audience. Since researching trends and coming up with ideas takes a lot of time and creativity, we provide you with 15 engaging reel scripts for Instagram so you are never stuck thinking what to record.

Create these reels yourself, hand them off to your social student ambassadors and see your impact grow. 

 See examples.

Social Media Audit - Complimentary

From the audit, you will quickly learn how to imporve your college's reach and engagement!

The audit will provide an overview of your college’s social: 

  • Branding and account setup 
  • Channel performance 
  • Content analysis 
  • Target market analysis 
  • Best practices and recommendations.  

Watch the video to learn how Community Colleges leverage College Crusader

Custom Campaign Development & Consulting

  • Do you have a strategic goal you need help supporting using social media?
  • Is there a certain audience you want to reach and engage

We can help you with that and more... 

custom social media campaign for college

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