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Social Media Student Ambassador Program

Whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your existing program, we provide everything you need to harness the power of student-generated content to extend your reach, increase engagement, and build an unstoppable content pipeline. 

Join a community of successful colleges leveraging the power of social  ambassadors to achieve remarkable growth!

We understand the immense power of student voices in shaping a college's brand and engaging with the wider community. That's why our program offers a comprehensive framework and expert guidance to empower colleges in creating a successful social student ambassador initiative. We provide the tools, strategies, training and support you need to unleash the full potential of your student ambassadors. Get ready to take your college's social media strategy to new heights with our comprehensive program tailored for your success.

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What's Included in The Program

Recruitment & Compensation

Attract and recruit exceptional ambassadors who embody your institution's spirit and forge genuine connections within your community. Benefit from our comprehensive toolkit, including ready-to-use templates for job descriptions, ambassador contracts, and recruitment ideas. Discover suggested methods to compensate students and effectively demonstrate the value of your program to secure continued support and funding.

Strategy & Best Practices

Unlock the potential of student ambassadors to elevate your social media strategy. Explore the myriad of content possibilities they can create, harnessing their creativity to captivate your audience. Leverage our content planning template specifically tailored for various social media platforms, enabling you to establish clear expectations, brainstorm innovative ideas, and curate engaging content. Uncover the best practices for running a thriving ambassador program that sets you apart.

Student Training & Expectations

Empower your student ambassadors with the skills and knowledge to excel in their role. Equip them through comprehensive online training modules, where they can delve into the essence of being exceptional ambassadors, mastering the art of effective social media engagement, branding, photography, videography, and writing. Recognize their dedication with a certificate of completion, honoring their achievements and fostering a sense of pride.

Social Ambassador Program Benefits

Support Enrollment

Prospective students browse college profiles on social media before applying. Showcasing real students and experiences will help prospective students visualize themselves as part of your college community.

Efficient Use of Resources 

Optimize resource utilization and achieve program success by effectively managing your resources, allowing you to save valuable time and maximize efficiency.

Simplify Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process for your new ambassadors by providing everything they need for success, including contracts, forms, self-paced online training, and a wealth of monthly content ideas.

Optimize Workflow

Streamline ongoing program management effortlessly by utilizing our bi-weekly planning checklist in conjunction with our pre-made content, simplifying the process and saving you valuable time and effort.

Improve Retention

Social media is an effective retention tool. Student ambassadors can help you increase engagement with current students, and present important information in an entertaining and engaging way. 

Stronger Community

By empowering students to create authentic content, a social ambassador program fosters significantly better engagement and cultivates a robust online community that thrives on relatability and shared experiences.

Save Time & Augment Team

Creating fresh and meaningful daily content for each audience and each channel takes a lot of consistent effort, time, and creativity. Having ambassadors do a significant portion of your content frees up your time to focus on other strategic projects

Improve Social Presence

Harness the power of student voices and experiences to create engaging and relatable content, thereby increasing brand visibility, expanding reach, and fostering a strong online community that resonates with prospective students.

Hi, I'm Maya

The founder of College Crusader and a Chief Marketing Officer at a community college in Maryland. Social Ambassador Program is of the most impactful and least expensive marketing initiatives you can launch. I believe that every community college that wants to leverage social media to support strategic initiatives should integrate student ambassadors into its strategy. Nothing beats student generated content in terms on authenticity and engagement. 

Maya Demishkevich

Special Launch Pricing




A Time-Saving Toolkit for Colleges Looking to Launch a Social Ambassador Program

  • Getting Started: Resources to help you develop a strong program proposal, outlining your content strategy, compensation, and benefits. Template for program value calculation.
  • Recruitment & Selection: Comprehensive toolkit, including ready-to-use templates for job descriptions, ambassador contracts, job application, recruiting video script and examples as well as recruitment ideas.
  • Best Practices: Best practices and considerations for establishing ground rules while working with students. Content checklist template for bi-weekly planning. 
  • Consulting: Complementary 2 hours of consulting with an experienced Ambassador program manager to help you setup and optimize your initiative for success. 

$79 per student

Launching Spring 2024!

On-demand, self-paced training for new and current students helping the college with social media management. This training is created with the help of experienced students ambassadors! 

  • Getting Started: the role of social media in higher education, social media student ambassador's responsibilities and expectations.  
  • Online Safety and Wellbeing: personal safety guidelines, reacting and responding to negative comments, dealing with fears and emotions, authenticity in social media.
  • Brand Guidelines and Visual Identity: understanding the importance of college's brand standards, tone, voice and personality.
  • Social Media Strategy: understanding your target audience on different social media platforms. Creating a social media plan and platform specific strategies and measuring their impact on institutional goals.  
  • Content Creation: learning how to create social media content grounded in understanding the college's target audience's needs and goals. Tips and strategies for writing posts and captions as well as creating stories and videos that will resonate with your community. Helpful resources and guides. 
  • Photography: photography tips for capturing images that will stop the scroll.
  • Guidance and Support: 1-on-1 access to experienced social media ambassadors for questions and advice.

Upon completion students will receive a certificate!



Posting reels is a proven strategy to grow your reach, engagement and audience on Instagram. Since researching trends and coming up with ideas takes a lot of time and creativity, getting ready to record reel ideas specifically created for community college audiences is a great way to save time and teach ambassadors how to create videos. Just hand these ideas off to your social student ambassadors and see them create on-point video content. New scripts are created for each month.

  • 15 Engaging Reel Scripts 



Want to create more videos with your student ambassadors? Our TikTok video scripts are a perfect way to accomplish that. The video ideas are targeted to appeal to high school students, dual enrollment and current students. New video scripts are created for each month. 

  • 15 TikTok Video Scripts 

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