Written by Maya Demishkevich

The IMPACT framework is a crucial tool that clarifies the often-underestimated role of marketing and communication in community college success. It redefines these professions as central partners in the educational mission, highlighting their influence on key success metrics and overall institutional achievements. By detailing how these fields contribute to educational quality, student support, and community engagement, the framework elevates marketing and communication from ancillary services to integral elements of strategic importance. It provides clear insights that advocate for the essential integration of these professions within the college’s core operations and goals.

Amplifying Success in Community Colleges through Marketing and Communication Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of community colleges, Maya Demishkevich designed the IMPACT framework to transcends the traditional view of marketing and communication. 

At the heart of IMPACT lies a pivotal question: What is the role of marketing and communication in the success of community colleges? This framework answers by showcasing how these domains are not peripheral but central to fostering educational achievement, student growth, and community prosperity.

“Think of the IMPACT Framework as a user manual for community college leaders to maximize marketing and communication efforts. Just like a manual explains a gadget’s features, the IMPACT Framework shows how to fully use marketing and communications for institutional success. Skipping it could mean missing out on valuable opportunities, like not using a gadget’s full potential by ignoring its manual.”  – Maya Demishkevich

Integrating Marketing and Communications: A Strategic Imperative

The IMPACT framework is built on the premise that marketing and communication are critical gears in the machinery of a community college’s success. 

Measuring What Matters

We delve into success indicators such as graduation rates, transfer success, immediate employment, learning outcomes, and student retention. But IMPACT goes further to highlight how marketing and communication efforts directly influence these metrics by enhancing the college’s image, attracting potential students, and engaging alumni and community stakeholders.

Promotion, Advocacy, Connection

From the promotion of innovative programs and celebrating student achievements to advocating for financial investment in education and connecting students to life-changing support services, marketing, and communication professionals are the unsung heroes sculpting the public perception and internal culture of community colleges.

Transformation Through Leadership

Lastly, the framework recognizes the indispensable role of leadership. Marketing and communication professionals are strategic partners in governance, informing policy-making with data-driven insights and shaping the narrative that aligns with the college’s vision and mission.

Conclusion: The Call to Action

The IMPACT framework is a call to action for community colleges to reimagine the role of marketing and communication. It’s an invitation to embed these critical functions into the fabric of institutional planning and to recognize their value in driving student success and community transformation.

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