Written by Maya Demishkevich

Community colleges face a constant challenge when it comes to allocating limited marketing resources to support a multitude of priorities, strategic initiatives, and tactical campaigns. However, many of these tasks are non-negotiable, leading to compromises in the quality of outcomes due to time constraints and resource limitations.

Among these challenges, managing social media emerges as a particularly demanding endeavor. Maintaining a strong social media presence is indispensable, but the resources required to handle numerous channels and diverse audiences can be overwhelming. Furthermore, social media management is typically an in-house responsibility and cannot be easily outsourced. This struggle becomes even more pronounced for smaller departments grappling with the demands of social media.

In this presentation, Cowley College will share their successful approach to prioritizing major new projects, including website redesign, without compromising their social media efforts. Gain valuable insights into resource allocation, streamlined processes, and best practices that will help you optimize your time while effectively leveraging social media to support your college’s strategic initiatives.

Who should listen to this webinar?

    • Marketing Directors & CMOs
    • PR Managers & Directors
    • Social Media Managers

Here’s what you can expect to learn during this presentation: 

In this webinar, you’ll discover invaluable insights on resource allocation, efficient processes, and best practices that will empower you to make the most of your time while effectively harnessing social media to support your college’s strategic objectives.

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I love College Crusader. It is very helpful to me, as a social media manager, and provides relevant information for our college. The content is excellent!

Candice Vialpando

Truckee Meadows Community College, Marketing Manager

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