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Package I

Social Media Plan & Strategy       $900

Includes: Social media marketing plan template;
Instagram, Facebook, TikTok strategy templates; Personas training and templates.

On-going monthly                         $599/mo
  • Monthly content calendar
  • 30 copy-and-paste Facebook posts
  • 30 copy-and-paste Instagram captions
  • Canva graphics templates for monthly posts
  • Content for holidays/observations
  • Guides, tips & tricks, webinars

Package II

Social Media Plan & Strategy       $900

Includes: Social media marketing plan template;
Instagram, Facebook, TikTok strategy templates; Personas training and templates.

On-going monthly                         $975/mo
  • Monthly content calendar
  • 30 copy-and-paste Facebook posts
  • 30 copy-and-paste Instagram captions
  • 15 reel scripts for Instagram
  • 15 video scripts for TikTok
  • Canva graphics templates for monthly posts
  • Content for holidays/observations
  • Guides, tips & tricks, webinars
  • Up to 1 hour of consulting per month
  • BONUS up to 2 hours of onboarding support. 



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the College Crusader for?

College Crusader is specifically designed for Community Colleges’ marketing and PR departments. Whether your college has a dedicated social media manager, or social media is part of somebody’s long list of responsibilities, you can benefit from this service.  If social media is not currently part of your marketing mix, College Crusader can get you started.

We already do social media, why do we need the College Crusader?

If your college already has a robust social media strategy, posts, and creates video content on a regular basis unique for each platform, and monitors results and trends, then College Crusader can augment your efforts and save you a lot of time. You could use the saved time to engage more with your followers, develop reciprocal partnership with local businesses and influencers, create more stories and live videos, report on your success and results to the broader college community so more faculty and staff want to get involved.

What if we already have a social media manager?

Getting results from social media and doing it right, takes a lot of time, creative skill, analytical mindset, understanding of the platforms and audiences, and collaboration. Writing meaningful posts unique to your target audience along with creating engaging reels, videos, and stories just for one platform takes a lot of time. Multiply it by 2 to 5 different social platforms, and it becomes impossible for one person to perform this job along. College Crusader can help your social media manager maintain presence on multiple platforms, grow visibility, promote college’s mission, educate your  community and do so in a more efficient and effective way.

How is this different from outsourcing social media content creation to an agency?

Outsourcing social media content creation to an agency is not only expensive, but also time consuming.  It will most likely take you a significant amount of your time to educate the agency on your audiences, how community colleges are different, what programs you offer, the benefits of choosing a Community College, your enrollment lifecycle, and more. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

At College Crusader, we will provide you with the content grounded in our extensive knowledge of community colleges so you would not have to spend a lot of time helping an agency to help you.  

What happens once the college signs up? What does the onboarding look like?

Once you make your first month’s payment, you will:

1. Get your login to the College Crusader portal with everything you need to get started.

2. We will set up an onboarding call to answer any questions and to walk you through the process.

3. Month one is focused on developing your social media strategy, analyzing your current performance, identifying metrics to track. Don't worry, we will make it super easy with already created documents you just need to edit/tweak based on your college's goals.

4. Month two, you will get access to the monthly calendar with ready-to-post content and reel scripts.

I am sold, but how do I convince my supervisor to sign up?

Feel free to use below stats to support your case:

According to Statista Research Department, 82% of the population have a social networking profile and 2 hours and 7 minutes is the average time spent on social media per day. This means that your prospects spend a lot of time on social media and so should your college if you want to connect with them, stay top of mind and extend your reach.

Per RNL’s “2021 E-Expectations Trend Report”, more than half of teens researching colleges use social media in their research. That percentage increases once they have decided to apply. Teens reported Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok are the top five social channels they use for college search. Social media is an early brand builder. What impression do students get from your college’s social media?

In addition to the growing importance of social media for colleges, we would also suggest talking to your supervisor/leadership about the growing challenges of managing multiple social media accounts:

  1. Fragmentation. Growing number of social channels (The average social media user engages with an average of 6.6 various social media platforms).
  2. Different Requirements. Each social platform serves specific audiences, has specific requirements and best practices.
  3. Feeding the Content Monster. Creating fresh and meaningful content for each audience and each channels take a lot of consistent effort, time, and creativity.
  4. Resource Intensive. Brainstorming, planning, content creation, collaboration, photography, graphic design, video production, student training and management, measuring, testing, keeping up with the trends requires a lot of time, talent, as well as different skills. Even if you have a dedicated social manager, it is very hard to find a person who is good at all of this.
  5. Campus Involvement. Campus acceptance, contribution and collaboration (Social media is called “SOCIAL” for a reason). Every minute you save by not working on what College Crusader already provides, you can dedicate to getting your campus involved in your social media efforts, making your presence authentic, educational and engaging.
  6. Training Account Managers. Providing on-going training and support for faculty and staff.
  7. Monitoring. Staying on top of non-flagship social media accounts, groups, and pages and well as mentions.
  8. Engagements. Replying to followers’ questions, comments, negative/inappropriate conversations.
  9. Saturations. Declining organic reach and engagement rates. Increasing ad cost.

Do I need any additional tools?


What if we use a social media scheduling software such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Feedly, etc.?

You can continue using your favorite social media scheduling tools. Just copy and paste from our monthly content calendar and schedule it.

I see that you are currently providing content for three platforms, what about content for Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn, aren’t they important too?

We will be adding strategies and content for other channels over time. Based on our research, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are the three platforms that can have the highest impact on your college’s brand awareness, retention, and recruitment.

Can I see the samples of what I will get?

Sure! Here are some samples for your review:

Download Samples

Instagram Posts

Reel Scripts

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