Resource Allocation Strategies

To cover 100% of your social content creation needs in-house, you will need

Full-time employees -
Total annual cost -

Explore how you can do more with less by optimizing your social media resources. Adjust the inputs below to see real-time scenario changes.

Number of social student ambassadors (a year)
Social student ambassador compensation (a year per student)
Full-time employee salary (annual + benefits)
Time current employee allocates to social media (% of time)

Social Media Resource Optimization Scenarios

Your Current Setup
With Addition of College Crusader
(annual subscription)
With Addition of College Crusader and Social Student Ambassadors
Social Content Creation Needs Covered
Time spent on social creation a year
1,000 hours
1,500 hours
2,000 hours
Annual Incremental Investment (cost of the solution)
Total Annual Social Media Content Creation Cost
Content Production Cost Improvement (hourly rate)

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